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Go to Hacker Knowledge

Hacker Knowledge

A Deeper level of Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Go to Programming Cup

Programming Cup

University students solve computing challenges within 10 hours.

Go to Startups Evolution

Startups Evolution

We encourage continuous improvement of the entrepreneurial spirit.



Trend Topics Demystified by Companies.

Go to The Developer Summit

The Developer Summit

The global event for developers.

Go to Trends Conference

Trends Conference

We talk about technology trends with specialists.

Go to The Tech Weekend

The Tech Weekend


Events that strenghten connection between singular people.

Singular Stage was created to unify many events all in one organization, allowing producing them in a more optimized way. Today the events are in an advanced maturity stage. We've accepted the challenge to take the events to other brazillian regions and we'll start the internacionalization of some of them. For that, we are looking for big organizations aligned to our mission, that wants to offer events with the best professionals of the market to our public, while allowing the development of a network between the participants in an organic way. On one side, our public wants to improve their knowledge. On the other, big companies are looking for talents. And there are those ones that are in search of business opportunities... From that, synergy occurs between Singular Stage events participants. So don't miss our next events! Check some interesting percentage numbers of our performance, here in the next column.

  • 21 to 30 years old

  • Average Public

  • Met or Overcame

  • Promoted learning


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